Lukas Graham

Name: Lukas Graham

Birthday: September 18, 1988

Fav Dish: Sunday Roast.

From a viral sensation in Denmark, Lukas Graham has successfully made their name in the U.S. music scene. Their “Lukas Graham (Blue Album)” debuted and peaked at No. 3 following its worldwide release earlier this year.

The set is supported by three singles, “Mama Said”, “Strip No More” and “7 Years”, which all made it to No. 1 on the Danish singles chart. “7 Years”, which also peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100, was inspired by frontman Lukas Graham Forchhammer’s unconventional and tough upbringing following the death of his dad in 2012.

“I just started singing, ‘Once I was seven years old…’ when I heard the melody,” Forchhammer told EW of the creative process behind the global hit, which he co-wrote with Stefan Forrest, Morten Ristorp and Morten Pilegaard. “Like, eight people ended up drinking wine and writing together for hours.”

Forchhammer admitted that his father’s passing “was a huge blow” to him. Thus, it could be felt in other songs on the album, such as “You’re Not There” and “Funeral”. “He was my biggest fan and biggest motivational force. He never pushed me into doing music, he just supported my choices. He was the supportive, cool dad and it’s really tough to be a half-orphan,” he said of his late father.

But who guessed that the frontman of the pop-soul band was attracted to rap early on. “In the early ’90s, my cousin gave me a Snoop Dogg cassette tape and the rawness of the lyrics were something new to me,” he said of one of his big influences. “I grew up in a neighborhood that didn’t have any police and was kind of rough. When I first heard rap, I understood that someone else was angry and afraid.”

Dishing on Forchhammer’s best trait, label chairman/CEO Cameron Strang said the 27-year-old had his own singular vision and wouldn’t be easily influenced. “He wants to do things in an authentic way that’s true to his life,” Strang shared. “And to be a great, successful artist, it takes a strong point of view.”

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