Quantasia the Scam? Usher Herpes Accuser’s Scheming Past Revealed

As rumors swirl that R&B singer Usher is readying lawsuits of his own to clap back at the rising number of accusers who allegedly contracted herpes from him, investigative reports have been surfacing left and right revealing Quantasia Sharpton – a herpes negative woman who, through lawyer Lisa Bloom, arranged a press conference to detail her lawsuit against Ush – may just be a schemer and scammer…

Barely a few hours after Quantasia became the source of internet ridicule and memes, sources took a look into her personal life through her social media handles.  There, it was revealed she took to the Web to announce (before and after the press conference):

Add to this, she joined a circle of friends online to openly discuss how they attempt to scam celebrities out of money:

Is this all circumstantial evidence or proof that Quantasia is not exactly the victim she claims to be?

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