Queen Radio: Nicki Minaj Ratings Quadruple Following Cardi B Attack

Cardi B‘s New York Fashion Week showdown with Nicki Minaj is proving to be a lucrative one for the ‘Barbie Dreams’ rapper.

Full story on the ironic turn of events below…

As at writing, ‘Queen Radio’ – on which Onika addressed the drama this week  has rocketed to #1 on the Apple Music platform and trended consistently on Twitter.

What’s more, sources from within Apple Music have revealed that the listens for Minaj’s  show quadrupled this week, sent its subscriber count through the roof and pushed it to the top of Apple Music’s trending list.

A testament no doubt to general public’s eagernesss to hear how the rapper would respond to B’s attempt to give her a beat down!

Put simply, the “mortifying” incident is shaping up to be a money generating one. After all, as the saying goes, controversy creates cash.

Cardi, according to sources in her camp, does not regret her actions and is yet to respond to Nicki’s on-air remarks directly. Here’s hoping the ladies resolve their issues and make amends.

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