R. Kelly Speaks Out: “I’m Heartbroken Over Abuse Claims”

R. Kelly has revealed that he is heartbroken over claims that he is a filthy paedophile.

The star has been slapped, kicked and punched with a wave of bad press this month after his peers joined forces to condemn his systematic abuse of children, teens and women.

Leading the chorus of heroes keen to defend his victims?

John Legend, Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay and Shonda Rhimes.

His month worsened when friends, seemingly just as disgusted by him as the rest of the world is, went behind his back and spoke to the press about his manic moods, paranoia and how Bill Cosby‘s recent sentencing sparked fears that the army of girls he once silenced with non disclosure agreements would rise up and mute him once and for all.

Now he says he is heartbroken by the drama because he is “a God-fearing man, a son, a brother, and most importantly a father” forced to fight media entities who “have dissected and manipulated these false allegations.”

His label, RCA Records, is yet to reveal if they are to pull the plug on his recording contract following calls from him to be dropped.


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