R. Kelly’s Brother’s Accuses Him Of Molesting & Impregnating Year Old Cousin!

R. Kelly‘s brother has confirmed what many of his fans had hoped was just an ugly baseless rumour.

Carey Kelly’s disturbing story below…

In an interview with unWine With Tasha K, Carey revealed that his superstar sibling sexually abused one of their 14-year-old cousins and may have impregnated her.



Carey hopes she will share her story with the world in due time.

It’s something that the family kind of figured out and I’d really like for her to tell her story, I really do. If she would speak on it.

He also believes that Kelly’s fame, fortune and financial hold over his family is why he has been shielded from the heavy hand of justice.

That’s how he’s been able to sustain in this business as an artist and as human being not being locked away and put up in jail because it’s almost hard to believe that this icon, that this superstar, would do things of that nature.

Hit the 40 minute mark above.

The ageing singer is also accused of raping the late singer Aaliyah when she was a minor.

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