Raz B Reveals A B2K Reunion Is in the Works

With top ten singles and R&B chart-topping albums to their credit, B2K easily rank as one of the (if not the) most successful Black boy band of the 2000s before their unexpected breakup in 2004.

And, while each of the group’s members has managed to keep his name in headlines since the mid-2000s to varying degrees of success, any mention of “B2K as a group” has mostly been related to drama and/or some jaw-dropping allegations.

Well, that’s set to change if a recent conversation involving Raz is to be believed:

Taking to Instagram, the group’s members – Omarion, J-Boog, Raz B, and Lil’ Fizz – were called out by a member of another 2000’s boy band, Pleasure P.  The Pretty Ricky star asserted it’s time for the quartet to reunited for a new album and, to the surprise of fans, Raz agreed!


This isn’t the first time a member of B2K has implied a reunion was in the works.  In late 2013, O took to press to assert the group reuniting wasn’t ‘totally out the picture.’

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