Remy Ma honeymooned in the Studio

Remy Ma really was feeling all the way up when she got in the booth to record “All The Way Up,” the lead single off her forthcoming collaborative album with Fat Joe, because it was recorded only hours after she had said “I Do” at her wedding to Papoose.

“You know how you just know what’s the right thing to do? It wasn’t even a question at all,” she said. “When I spoke to [Papoose] about it, he was just like, let’s go.”

Swapping her wedding dress for sweats and Timbs, Remy and Joe hit the studio the next day and banged out “All The Way Up” while Papoose napped in a beanbag. That track, which manages to retain that early Aughts Terror Squad sound while still sounding fresh, has recently cracked the top 25 Billboard’s R&B and Hip-Hop chart, and nobody has any regrets regarding their studio honeymoon.

“As Joe would say, I made the record that’s probably going to be able to take me on 54 honeymoons,” Remy laughs, but she’s probably right.

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