Brandy Reportedly Dumps Boyfriend After He Cheated…With Three Women!

Brandy has pulled the plug on her relationship with William James Stokes (aka Sir the Baptist) after she discovered that he had been “sitting up in his room” with three different women!

A reliable source with direct ties to the singer unwrapped the details of the pair’s rocky relationship in a conversation with ‘The Shade Room’ and revealed that Baptist had been dealing with two ladies they would only name as Alyssa and Amal.

It gets worse, for he is also said to have fathered children with a third woman before meeting Brandy who stormed into a birthday dinner he threw in New Orleans weeks ago.

There, to the singer’s shock, horror and disbelief, she learned that Baptist was still seeing her!

TSR adds:

Baptist decided to go on Instagram Live where fans proceeded to inquire about where his girlfriend Brandy was. “I don’t know where Brandy at fam, she’s at home somewhere,” he said. “We good, you don’t have to ask about Brandy every time.”

Our source told us, “Once Brandy saw that IG live video, it was a done deal.” They added, “When she sees red flags, that means it’s time to go and that was one too many. She would rather be alone than…unhappy.


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