Rick Ross to hold ‘Port of Miami’ 10th Anniversary Concert

Rozay is holding a concert at the city he started from.

Rick Ross will be performing at the Port of Miami in florida in honor of the 10th Anniversary of his debut album.

“I wanted to celebrate the 10-year anniversary, and not just with my city, not just with a concert with my city, but I wanted to do something that the world would see and appreciate,” Rozay told Rolling Stone. “So this TIDAL X event, it’s going to be live-streamed globally all around the world. The surprises, you gotta watch. Who coming, you wanna watch.”

The concert will also feature surprises. “It’s most definitely based around Port of Miami with a few exceptions, and like I said, I wanted to do it as big as possible,” he added. “They shutting down Port of Miami and setting the fucking containers in the way where I could stand on them and the world can see me. Did we pull it off? Of course we did. I’ll be performing at the Port of Miami.” “This’ll be the biggest concert of my life.”

The concert will stream live on TIDAL on Monday, Aug. 29, at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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