Rob Kardashian reveals sister Kim Kardashian was his childhood crush

Rob Kardashian may have been keeping up with one of his siblings a little too closely back in the day.

The reality star awkwardly admitted his older sister Kim Kardashian was one of his childhood crushes during a new interview with his fiancée Blac Chyna for the E! Network.

The clip starts with Chyna naming Jennifer Lopez as her future husband’s celebrity fancy when he was young.

But things take a strange twist when the ex-video vixen added Kim who is six years older than Rob to his list of childhood crushes.

“That is also pretty accurate. Ummm…” Rob confessed.The 29-year-old looked somewhat uneasy as he made the admission, but it earned a laugh from his pregnant wife-to-be.

“These are facts,” she said at the end of the short video.

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