Rotimi Covers ‘Rolling Out’

‘Tis the Nigerian superstar Rotimi on the cover of ‘Rolling Out‘!

Still standing tall as one of the driving forces behind the hit show ‘Power’, the multi-hyphenated performer rocks the pages of ‘Rolling’ with ease as he set his sights on a number of exciting film and TV projects this year.

More below….

My mom always knew that I was going to be a musician or an entertainer because she always would say that Bob Marley had come to her in a dream when she was pregnant with me and said, ‘Your son is going to fulfill my legacy.



His thoughts on ‘Power‘ and its characters?

I think that people forget that Ghost is more conniving and more evil than anybody, and that’s the funny part about it. He’s killed the most people on the show. He’s the one that betrayed his best friend. He’s the one that’s cheating on his wife. He’s the one that’s neglecting his kids. Everyone seems to forget that. Power’ is becoming my show, which is a blessing and for [‘Power’ creator] Courtney [Kemp] to believe in me to go head-to-head with Omari [Ghost] and Joe Sikora [Tommy], it’s becoming a beautiful thing.


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