Sacramento Radio Station Bans Kanye West’s Music After Cancelling concert

As the rest of the world is praying for Kanye West, one Sacramento radio station is banning his music from the airwaves.

Hot 103.5 Music Director Justin Marshall has revealed to listeners that effective immediately, the station would no longer be playing Kanye West‘s music.

The decision comes days after West arrived 90 minutes late to his Saint Pablo tour date there, only to perform the same song twice, rant for 30 minutes and leave.
During the rant,he took a shot a Jay z, Beyonce, and Hillary Clinton

Ticketmaster offered all of the concert goers full refunds for their tickets.
NBC 12 News reports Sacramento’s other Hip-Hop station V101 FM says they are going to be taking a break from playing Kanye’s music for a while too.

West has been in the hospital since cancelling the concert receiving treatment

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