Sam Smith Breaks Long Silence With ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’

Sam Smith has officially returned!

Having earned huge success with his debut album, 2014’s ‘In The Lonely Hour’ (which sold 7 million copies globally), the singer-songwriter has finally returned with ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’ – the first official single from ‘Hour’s long-awaited successor.

With Stargate at the helm of production, tuck in below to hear ‘Goodbyes’ and let us know if it was worth the wait!


Smith has done it again!  Like fellow pop belter, Adele, the crooner knows what territory works for him – that easily accessible and all-too-relatable “love gone wrong”/”heartbreak central” kinda number.  The beauty of it all is that, also like Addy, the archetype fits their voices very well as their instruments by nature (even when singing acapella) ooze “sorrow” or sadness – even when the song’s subject does not relate.

That very “win” houses our only gripe, however.  ‘Goodbyes’ is very comfortable for him, in fact it’s too comfortable.  The song is not exactly a game-changer (not even for his own catalog) and will, in the grand scheme of his story, just get lost in the fray of all his other sad songs.

We know ‘Goodbyes’ will be a hit, there’s no question about that.


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