Say What? Remy Ma’s ‘Melanin Magic’ Vanishes From The iTunes Chart!

Remy Ma‘s comeback has been, for the most part, successful.

Powered by the smash hit cut ‘All the Way Up’, the Hip-Hop titan made major gains on Hip-Hop’s live music circuit and as the new star of VH1’s ‘Love and Hip Hop New York.’

Unfortunately, as Cardi B’s commercial star rises, she is forced to watch hers crash and burn.


Why? Her fans’ reluctance to purchase her music.

What this spells? Trouble on the iTunes chart.

The rapper’s new single ‘Melanin Magic’ was released on January 19th 2018 and received praise for its sincere celebration of black women.

Unfortunately, the empowering jam has been rejected by the star’s supporters who have opted not to buy it making the blame for the fact that the song has been booted out of the iTunes Top 100.

Worrying, as it means it may be selling under one thousand copies with each passing day.

The track’s sales are so low that it is currently being outperformed by Coldplay‘s ‘Paradise’ (released in 2011) and Rachel Platten‘s ‘Fight Song’ which dropped in 2015.

Frustrating news, as the upbeat and unifying ‘Magic‘ was launched to pave the way for the star’s long-awaited comeback album ‘Seven Winters, Six Summers.’

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