Scandalous! Azealia Banks Reveals Lana Del Rey Slept With Harvey Weinstein For Movie Role!

Azealia Banks has revealed that she believes her old friend and current foe Lana Del Rey slept with the disgraced sexual predator Harvey Weinstein for a movie role.

As Interscope artists, Banks and Rey were signed to fill the void left by their hiatus-loving predecessors FergieGwen Stefani and Nelly Furtado.

The former friends stand worlds apart…separated by a spat which spilled out from behind the scenes and onto social media this year. A spat, set to intensify now that Azealia revealed that she suspects that Rey slept with Weinstein to bag a role in his movie ‘The Great Gatsby.’

Lana hasn’t responded to Azealia’s latest remarks.

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