Scary Stuff! Tinashe Granted Restraining Order Against Fan Who Believes She’s His Wife

Tinashe‘s latest single may be named ‘Flame,’ but the singer is looking to extinguish the desires of an overexcited fan.

Full story below….

According to TMZ, the 24-year-old was awarded a restraining order against an obsessed supporter named Martin Murphy.

Filings by the performer’s legal team assert that Murphy travelled from Boston to Los Angeles armed with the belief that he is married to her.

She says she’s frightened because he managed to navigate his way close to the home she shares with parents. He also attempted to reinstate his Massachusetts license to carry a firearm.

Interestingly, Tinashe has support from Murphy’s father who too wants his son to stay away from her.

Relaying his belief that the songbird is indeed in danger, Murphy’s father revealed that his son has “suffered a psychotic break and is unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.”

Their collective efforts saw a judge order the 25-year-old to stay 100 yards away from T and her parents.

Scary stuff!

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