See Trailer: R.Kelly’s Ugly Secrets Exposed In New Explosive Documentary

R. Kelly‘s long-running abuse of women and little girls will be brought to light by a new documentary name ‘Surviving R. Kelly’.

In it, some of the ageing performer’s victims lift the lid on his deepest darkest secrets as he faces claims that he is riddled with sexually transmitted diseases, secretly sleeps with other men and tried to murder his ex-wife Andrea.

Trailer below…



The alleged pervert denies some of the allegations he has been belaboured by and recently watched several members of his team severe times with him as more allegations surfaced.

Allegations, which come from relatives who say he molested his niece, peers who say they have proof that he tried to sabotage Joe‘s career and destroyed the life of the late performer Aaliyah.

R. Kelly’s this fun, laughing, loving guy. But Robert is the devil.

January 3rd marks the spot.


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