Serena Williams is showing more curves in new photos for Wall Street Journal Magazine

Tennis player Serena Williams didn’t shy away from showing her curves in a sexy photo shoot with Wall Street Journal Magazine while she confessed about her life as a famous athlete.

Serena Williams is the athlete everyone turns their attention to ! After she reportedly dated Drake, danced with Ciara and Kelly Rowland and appeared in Beyoncé’s “Sorry” video, the tennis player got to tell Wall Street Journal Magazine about her experiences as a sportswoman. And she took some time to take hot photos you’ll sure be pleased to look at!

Serena Williams doesn’t only play tennis. She also likes dancing, as you can see in Beyoncé’s “Sorry” video. The two women are good friends. Serena told the magazine she has known Bey for a long time, so their collaboration seemed obvious. These two are good representations of a strong and independent woman !

But the impressive tennis player also confessed she would love to be a mother: “Being a mom would be fun”, she said. And when you ask her how many children she wants, she answers “twelve”! Well, maybe you should dedicate less time to tennis then, Serena!

By the way, if she wasn’t a tennis player, Serena would have settled in California, marry a man who she would have had kids with, and she would probably be a veterinarian! At the same time, she would love to do “ordinary things”, like going to the mall because she never goes there.

How hard life can be when you’re a famous tennis player!

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