Shaking the Cheque off! Taylor Swift donates $50K to Louisiana School for flood relief

She is really “shaking it off” like a good celeb! Taylor Swift is continuing her philantropic activities by donating $50 for a school system in flood-ravaged Louisiana.

The singer donated $50,000 to Ascension Public Schools whose students and faculty had recently lip-synced her hit “Shake It Off” in a back-to-school video to aid in recovery after last month’s deadly deluge.

The hefty sum is likely part of the $1 million Swift pledged to the Bayou State’s flood victims in August, according to the school public information officer Jackie Tisdell.

“We will use it to replace classroom items lost in the flood like laptops for students,” Tisdell said. “All of our 5th-12th graders have a personal computing device they can take home. Many of those were lost in the flood.”

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