She’s A Mermaid! Nicki Minaj Introduces Fans To Her New Alter-Ego

Following the release of her poorly shot ‘Bed’ video Nicki Minaj has revealed that she has given birth to a new alter-ego!

The name of the character set to join a family made up of Martha Zolanski, Point Dexter (The Creep), Roman & Barbie?

Find out below…


As long-time supporters of Minaj we’re hoping Romania (or whoever is managing her) can turn her poorly handled campaign for ‘Queen’ around in time before its release.

For, though she is indeed Hip-Hop’s undisputed and unrivalled leader, her new songs and their visuals have been subpar and stand as a far cry from the trend-setting styles and sounds she delivered several years ago.

With this, and what seems to be an unwillingness to accept fresh ideas from fresh creatives in mind, we fear ‘Queen’ may tank when it drops.

Of course, we hope we’re wrong.

However, recent years have seen the performer become obsessed with pandering to the same audiences as her lowbrow competitors instead of using her resources to push her artistic envelope.

The result? Insulting comparisons to industry puppets (male and female) who’d struggle to “outrap” her on her worst day.

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