Shocking Details! Cassie Speaks Out Following Breakup With Diddy

Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Cassie is upset with the way that her relationship ended with Sean “Diddy” Combs – and she’s preparing to speak out about it.

According to one of Cassie’s friends, Cassie is working on a HARD HITTING INTERVIEW – where she plans on trashing Diddy. The interview MTO News, is with a “White” publication.

Cassie’s friend told MTO News, “Cassie is done with Diddy. But he’s done with her too. He took her best years, and she’s upset. She always thought they would be together forever.”

Cassie’s friend also told MTO that Diddy’s ex-girlfriend is upset that Diddy is dating other women – especially women that Cassie considered “thots.” The insider explained, “Diddy really has Cassie out here looking bad, with these thots. Well she’s going to hit that n*gga back hard.”



The interview, according to TMZ, is set for release next month. And it is said that it will be “explosive.”

Here’s a pic of Diddy recently on a date with an Asian woman. It’s not clear if she was one of the “thots” that Cassie is upset about.

According to Hollywood Life:

It’s unclear if this message is in any way related to Cassie’s drama with Diddy, but the timing is definitely interesting. On Oct. 17, it was confirmed by a rep that the 32-year-old and Diddy had actually ended their relationship “months ago.” That same day, reports surfaced that he had been seeing Jocelyn, which was never confirmed officially. It was reported that the two had spent time in Miami together in September, then attended Drake’s concert as a couple earlier this month.

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