Skepta Wins the £25,000 Mercury Prize for 2016

Skepta has beaten the likes of David Bowie, Radiohead and The 1975 to win the Mercury Prize.
The Grime star won the £25,000 award for self-released album Konnichiwa, which covers topics including police harassment and his anger at British politics.

The record, described by the NME as a “landmark in British street music”, went to number two earlier this year.
“I’m just so thankful. I’ve been trying to do this music stuff and work it out for so long,” Skepta said of his win.

Speaking to the BBC backstage, he said he would use the prize money to help the disadvantaged.
“Something positive, something to help other people feel as happy and as free as me,” he said.
“We’re doing a project right now, actually, building a studio in my old estate to help the young kids do music.”

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