Solange writes a letter to her teen self in ‘Teen Vogue’

The “Cranes in the Sky” songstress, Solange penned a moving letter to her teenage self via Teen Vogue.

Exploring fears and triumphs throughout her journey, Solange opened up about the different stages in her life, including the “dance-is-life phase” and the “Nas-aficionado-brown-lip-liner-and-Vaseline-phase.”

Beyond the name calling that she experienced and sadly continues to experience, Solange also discussed her love of words and her love of her mother, Tina Lawson.

“she is a wonder,” wrote Solange. “you watch her drop off 3 kids at 3 different schools in the morning, pick them up in the afternoon, shuffle each of them to their designated activities, and bring them all back to the salon she owns until she closes up with the utmost grace, love, and kindness. you realize watching a woman balance being a supportive mother, building a successful business from the ground up that was started in her garage, and giving back to the community will make you feel invincible.”

The letter also explored the “hardest year” of her life and the birth of her son, Julez. “seventeen will be the hardest year of your life,” she added. “it will grow you up almost immediately. you will lose your best friend whom you love so much to gun violence in a single moment, and give birth to a new one within a year.”


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To cap things off, the Seat at the Table songstress opened up about overcoming hardships and continuing to evolve. “there will be pain, there will be doubt there will be beauty, there will be the unknown,” she wrote. “there will be so many moments of joy and delight that the whole universe will feel painted in hues of amber and wonder. there will be times you are so sad you can’t lift your head. and there will be times you are so happy that the sensation of life knocks you down. but most importantly, there will be you. a whole, whole lot of it. and you will feel good about who she is and who she is still becoming.”

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