Stormzy reassures of his debut album

Stormzy has teased his debut album release with a 15-second clip.

The Croydon grime MC is expected to release his first full-length later this year. He took to social media on Sunday night (April 3) to post a short trailer, along with the phrase “Scary”. It is not yet known whether ‘Scary’ is the title of Stormzy’s album, a song, or completely unrelated.

“The album is coming,” a message in the video reads.

Grime MCs give the best fight music entrance. Did you see the Conlan entrance in Creed? Let your enemies eat your fear for breakfast.
‘Stormzy’ announced the arrival of boxer Joshua for his last fight and changed the lyrics of hit ‘Shut Up’ to include the name of opponent Dillian Whyte.

Eatch Stormzy announce his arrival HERE

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