Stream: Khalid – ‘Suncity’ EP

With last year’s ‘American Teen,’ newcomer Khalid was catapulted to definitive breakout star status.

Now, armed with that success and more (hello ‘Love Lies’) he follows-up with brand new EP ‘Suncity.’

Inspired by a recent trip to his hometown of El Paso, Texas (known colloquially as Sun City), the EP is comprised of seven tracks and is billed as a bridge of sorts to his hotly anticipated sophomore album – due in 2019.

Speaking on the set (which includes recently released single ‘Better’), 20-year-old Khalid said:

“I want my music to grow and represent how I am growing up. Suncity is the start of a new era for me; this music poured out of me and I didn’t want to wait to share it. I wanted to be able to live in this moment with my fans and my friends and speak from the heart.”

Take a listen to ‘Suncity’ below…




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