T-Pain’s Manager Accuses Him Of Squandering Millions

T-Pain is in the middle of vicious battle with his former manager!

Chase Entertainment managed the singer/songwriter and now claims that he owes them over unpaid commissions they suspect he can’t pay because of his supposed spending habits.

They’ve hit with him a federal lawsuit with hopes doing so will force him to pay up and have laughed at the lawsuit he filed against them with this statement:

In a futile effort to come up with a negotiating strategy to help T-Pain leverage his way out of his irrefutable legal obligation to pay Chase post-termination management commissions, believed to be in excess of $1 Million, T-Pain finds himself reduced to fabricating absurd and baseless claims against his former manager. Despite repeated demands by Chase, T- Pain has refused to account to or pay Chase for their rightful share of commissions.

They also slammed him with claims that he wasted the millions they helped him earn.

Much of that money was squandered by T-Pain, despite Chase’s entreaties to T-Pain over the years that he control his profligate spending habits. Unfortunately, T-Pain’s financial self-destructive conduct continued unabated even after the parties ended their professional relationship.

T claims that he has given Chase bosses all the money he owes them and believes they were taking more than their fair share without his permission and says he was stunned when he learned that they didn’t have the necessary license to serve as his agent.

‘The Blast’ reports…

He sued seeking in excess of $1 million in damages and for the return of all commissions he paid since 2005.

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