Taylor Swift spent over $10 million on the diamonds to shade Kim Kardashian?

Taylor Swift spent over $10 million on the diamonds used to shade Kim Kardashian in record-setting video Look What You Made Me Do.

Apparently, vengeance comes at a price and for Taylor Swift it cost her about $10 million to get revenge on her famous enemy, Kim Kardashian. Taylor “shaded” Kim Kardashian in her latest video, Look What You Made Me Do, by filling a bathtub with diamonds. Many viewers on social media speculated that the bathtub scene was a nod to Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery incident where she was bound in a tub and priceless jewels were stolen from her.

It was revealed that the diamonds are worth over $10 million. The extravagant array of jewels were provided by jeweler-to-the-stars Neil Lane, the insider said, adding that an “insane” level of security was implemented for the high-profile video shoot.

Taylor has remained silent on the intrinsic message in her video but she has liked many theories Tumblr users have posted in response to the fancy clip.

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