TBoss Finally Comments On Relationship With Dino Melaye

Tokunbo Idowu aka TBoss was guest on Urban Xtra show with Abby on Urban96fm and the beautiful reality star spoke at length on her love life, the private jet controversy among others.


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On ThinTallTony Marriage Saga

During #BBNaija, I didn’t know ThinTallTony was married or had kids but I had a feeling that he is a father. He carried himself most likes like someone’s father, and he has this has a fatherly walk. I remember on one occasion, I told Bisola about it and she said “He looks like a father”.

I also caught him talking to the mirror, like he was talking to a girl and the connection was so surreal, like a father and talk and then I my suspicions grew that he probably has a child.

Why didn’t TBoss dance at the parties?

I didn’t dance at the parties simply because I really can’t move to many songs. I also think I do not know how to dance.

Would you do Big Brother or any other Reality Show again?

I’m done, I don’t think I’m ready for the attention it might cost me…


Why Wasn’t TBoss At Bassey & Debbie-rise’s Event?

I couldn’t attend the event because I was in Abuja for a show at that time and I had an appearance.

Are You Still BFFS with Debbie Rise?

I’m still BFFs with Debbie, but she’s been busy with her own projects as well.

Asides Debbie-Rise who also was your BFF In The House?

Asides Debbie, it was definitely Miyonce because he was quite familiar to me. Prior to #BBNaija,we met at Abuja so at the beginning, every other person looked like a stranger to me.

After Kemen was disqualified over the alleged molestation, Kemen inferred that it was a mutual understanding between you and him …So what really happened between TBoss and Kemen? 

Sighs…I don’t want to talk about this please, becasue I’ve moved past it. For real.

Is TBoss Dating? Do they have private jets.

No, I’m not dating. Though I have friends and About two of them have private jets….And no, I don’t do married men. I only date single men. Lol!

What’s your relationship with Dino Melaye?

Well, I met Dino Melaye at his book launch which I was invited. Nothing more!

What’s your ideal man?

He has to be taller than me even with my heels. He needs to know God, he needs to be respectful though I like light-skinned cos they’re attractive but  I can only go for chocolate-skinned guy.

Do you think Big Brother has a crush on u?

Nope, on the contrary, I thought he had a crush on Marvis but not me. Because I felt Big Brother was really harsh on me.


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