The Weeknd Accused Of Stealing; Hit By $5 Million Lawsuit!

The Weeknd is accused of stealing work from an independent artist to build his song ‘Starboy.’

Bad news for the performer below…

A Somali-American poet named Yasminah claims that the Eritrean superstar stole portions of a song she recorded in 2009 to erect ‘Starboy‘ and now hopes to receive money she feels his supposed theft makes her entitled to.

TMZ reports:

In the lawsuit, she says she co-wrote and released “Hooyo” in 2009. “Starboy” was released in Nov. 2016. According to Yasminah, the similarities are obvious to the ear — same hook, same key, similar tempo and both songs feature prominent claps on beats 2 and 4.

She is seeking $5 million.

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