Update On Kanye West’s Mysterious Disappearance

After about 4 days Kanye West mysteriously deleted his Instagram and Twitter handles, the vocal rapper is still yet to be seen in public.


While as you might know, this isn’t the first time the “Fade” rapper has gone radio silent (he briefly deleted his Twitter last August), his social disappearance was all the more puzzling because it happened on the same day Kids Supply, his new children’s clothing line with wife Kim Kardashian, went live.

Also, recall that he was absent at the 2017 Met Gala Awards, leaving his wife Kim Kardashian on her own company and when asked about her husband, the curvaceous reality star says he’s at home nursing the kids, an act which she says he prefers lately.

Well, this disappearance has got his fans like…


We can only hope he’s safe tho!



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