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#Urban96FM is the social network radio, heavily dependent on conversation starting off or continuing on social networks. Conscious and in tune with city mood, if there’s anything to commiserate or celebrate, we are there live to feel the PULSE of the city and her inhabitants.

Programming reflects what our target audience want to hear, this we know for sure through research, our gut feeling and industry knowledge. #Urban96FM radio format is known as “urban contemporary,” which plays primarily the hits and encompasses afrohipbeats, rhythm and blues at one end of the spectrum and rap at the other with the ultimate Hip Hop firmly routed in the programming philosophy.


Alphavision Multimedia Ltd, a subsidiary of Consolidated Media Assoiciates Group, has announced the launch of URBAN96 FM Radio Network with the commencement of operations at her Lagos City station on the 96.5 FM dial tagged The Sound Of Lagos!

Urban96 is an FM and Visual Radio TV Experience – top shop for the ultimate pop culture experience. It would also be launched alongside the ‘Urban96 TV’ project later this month of February.

With its station rider as “your feel good hit music station”, URBAN96.5 FM Lagos represents the contemporary music station in Lagos tri-state market which merges R&B, Hip Hop, & Pop into a new pop culture blend called “The Sound Of Lagos”. URBAN96 FM will feature a variety of good music from various artistes topping the charts in Lagos, Nigeria and the world, a playlist not determined by era, but rather by the quality of each song, as determined directly by listeners and a technically sound music team.

On the team are a line up of experienced and finest technical, content and multimedia personnels including Benny Ark, Oreka ‘Rhecks’ Godis, Tyeng Gang, Shine ‘Shyne’ Begho, Efe ‘Feyfey’ Odudu, Abiola ‘Abby’ Oyebade, Munachii Abi, Segun Emdin, Solomon Ladani and Kingsley TAGE Obike as OAPs including DJ Neptune, amongst others.

URBAN 96 seeks to reach the today’s high flying Lagos urbane listener who defines what is trending in the city of Lagos and beyond. A movement rightly designed to cater to the live blood that powers Nigeria – The upwardly mobile demographics including the youth of Nigeria!

“The Urban96 brand builds and expands upon, Lagos’ great radio legacy as we will be bringing you unarguably the singular best combination of experience and refreshingly unique sound. With a combination of on air personalities drawn from across various backgrounds, Lagos is definitely set to experience radio that gives triple for the price of one – great friends, great music and great delivery…” Group Head of Radio Operations, Jonathan Lyamgohn asserts.

Watch Head of Operations, CMA Group – Jonathan Lyamgohn speak: https://youtu.be/sKyE9LyAMO0

Behind this project is Nigeria’s leading multi broadcast platform brand, Consolidated Media Associates – who have been behind SoundcityTV, ONTV, ONMAX and SpiceTV and has as well commissioned other multiple successful projects like the newly launched Trybe TV Movie Channel prior to the launch of URBAN96 FM Radio Network.

“Like every of our other brands, we at Urban96FM Lagos will always position ourselves as the station that really cares about Lagos – when you are in traffic we will be there, when it has been a good day in the city we will reflect, when there is information you really need to know, we will bring it to you.” Mr. Tajuddeen Adepetu, Consolidated Media Associates CEO added.

Urban96 Radio Network Launch in Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Uyo to follow in coming months.

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