Usher lost drastic weight to play Sugar Ray Leonard in ‘Hands of Stone’

In the movie Hands of Stone, Usher plays the role of famous Afro-American boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and it’s worth seeing.

While he’s currently working on his next album to be release, it looks like Usher is also betting on his acting career. If we have already seen him on the small and the big screen, his next role is certainly one of the most interesting and important move of his career.

Indeed, the “Crash” singer will play the role of famous Afro-American boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in a biopic focusing on the career of Roberto Duran, another legendary boxer, directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz. To get into character, Usher Raymond had to follow an intensive training paced by shadow boxing sessions and exercices ranging from jump rope to footwork.

In the first images of the film, the singer appears completely changed to stick as closely as possible to the image of the legendary boxer, now aged 60. Will that role allow him to get an Oscar ? We will be able to judge when the movie hits the theatres, Aug 26.

Take a look at Usher’s physical training for the role in the video below :

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