Usher Requested To Turn Over Medical Records After Several Herpes Infection Accusations

A Los Angeles judge has ordered Usher, the King of R&B, to hand his medical records over to a person who claims he exposing them to herpes.

Full story below….

A number of people have accused the entertainer of infecting them with or exposing them to the disease and now one of them has finally scored a win after their request to examine his medical records was granted!

‘Bossip’ nabbed the exclusive…

The accuser has been gunning for Usher’s medical records for several months, and a judge recently agreed and told Usher to provide “verified supplemental responses” ASAP in exchange for the accuser dropping his motion to force Usher to do so, according to court docs.

They plan to grill Usher’s medical providers as part of his prep for their upcoming trial, according to court papers.

Usher has one month to comply and has denied their claim that they had sexual intercourse.

Alas, his accuser is adamant that it happened and will bare all when his trial takes place in the February of 2019.


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