Usher Scandal: Accuser Quantasia Sharpton Says She Has Sex Tape With Singer

“People lie but videos don’t.” 

These were the words of Quantasia Sharpton, one of the women suing Usher for alleged exposure to herpes.

For, fresh from stepping forward as one of several embroiled in the scandal, she is now claiming to have footage of their supposed encounter.

Details below…

Sharpton made the revelation during a new interview with YouTuber Jacob Kohinoor. If you were wondering how or why her lawyer permitted this, so are we.

As many will recall, she initially claimed that the R&B pin-up picked her from the audience during a concert, exchanged details with her, and went to her hotel to engage in sex.

Now, she’s asserting that they have a video together.

Listen to her interview below…



That entire interview was the kii of kii’s. What did we just listen to? An interview or a roast?!

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