Usher Scandal: Lawyer Says More Women Have Approached Her Over Herpes Exposure

As the world awaits a response from Usher over the herpes scandal everyone’s talking about, it appears more women are gearing up to lawyer up.

Giving a whole new meaning to ‘U Got It Bad,’ the singer has been rocked by claims that she passed on the STD to a woman after failing to disclose he was infected. A mistake he allegedly paid her $1.1 million for, after being levied with a lawsuit.

And now it looks as though there may be more mayhem to come.

Yesterday, another woman filed a $10 million suit alleging that the married star exposed her to the virus by having unprotected sex with her this year.

Today, a renown lawyer has suggested she may be representing more women with similar claims.

Venting about the matter on Twitter, Lisa Bloom of The Bloom Firm (who represented Blac Chyna) wrote…




On the one hand, we’re literally flabbergasted that Team Usher is yet to say anything. Especially given that we live in an era where silence can and will quickly become cemented truth. Something his career cannot afford.

Yet, on the other, what really can be said? Particularly with more women seemingly set to come forward.

Again, sigh.

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