Usher’s Home Robbed; Thieves Steal Surveillance Footage

Usher has been struck with bad news.

The R&B icon has learned that his home was robbed by thieves in March and that their wicked deed saw them make off with over $800,000 worth of his goods.

Quite worryingly, his soon-to-be ex wife Grace Miguel reveals that the box in which the security camera for the home was held had been ransacked leaving very little for the couple to use as they work to uncover the thieves’ identities.

‘The Blast‘ reports…

In the report, Miguel said she believed the thieves had stolen the jewelry earlier in the week and then returned to get the security footage.

Miguel told police that the week before, the housekeeper had noticed one of Usher’s rings was missing but she just assumed it was with him. A few days later, the housekeeper noticed the jewelry was missing as well, but again assumed Usher had it.

The case is under investigation.

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