Victoria Kimani says she is not dating L.A.X, not had sex in a year

American born Kenyan singer, Victoria Kimani shocked many of her followers and fans on Instagram when she revealed that she has not had sex in over one year. The beautiful singer had many of her followers screaming blue murder as it was a revelation too incredible to believe, coming from such drop dead gorgeous.

“Since May last year I have not had sex”, she said but the news making rounds today is her denial of being in an affair with L.A.X.

When asked about the love of his life, L.A.X had glowingly said that he is dating Kenyan born singer and songwriter, Victoria Kimani.

‘The love of my life, my WCE is Victoria Kimani, that is the love of my life, and that is all I want to reveal for now”, he says.

However debunking the claims, Victoria Kimani wrote on the screenshot of the interview ‘Lies and corruption’.

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