Wale Announces Leaving Social Media & Ditching His Signature Dreadlocks

Washington DC-based rapper, Wale has made an unofficial announcement via his Instagram account with a photo showing him sitting in celebrity barber, Renaldo Williams’ chair.

In the caption, he briefly spells out the crossroads he is at. “Man idk what I’m doin but I know I need to make changes,” he started. “Find my happiness , could this be phase one? I’ll be leaving you guys for a while.. my friend @issarae says it’s time to change up .. my man @renaldowilliams says it’s time…🔵🌙.”

The “I’ll be leaving you guys,” part has some speculating that Wale will be abstaining from social media for a period of time like many rappers have done in the past. But he could be stepping back from the rap game altogether for a while.

Wale’s latest album, Shine, dropped in April. He revealed shortly afterward that he is working on a go-go album with Pharrell. “I’m working with Pharrell on that. We already started working on some stuff,” he said. “I’m also working with UCB a lot. I’ve been talking to Backyard about some things.” Could that project now be on hold?

Check out Wale’s post below…


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