Watch Drake’s Dad, Dennis Graham Go Wild In “Kinda Crazy” Video!

Drake’s dad Dennis Graham is a musician in his own right. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and teaching himself how to play piano, guitar, and drums at a young age, he spent most of his life as a professional drummer in his own band and with Jerry Lee Lewis.

He’s decided to fly solo as of late, releasing the track “Kinda Crazy” back in December. Now the visuals are finally here. Graham shows off his signature smooth style in the Nikeisha Andersson-directed clip, serenading a younger actress in an upscale restaurant and sitting on a throne in a fog-filled room.

Graham celebrated the video’s release with a launch party last Thursday night. “Kinda Crazy” features in new commercials for Drake’s Virginia Black whiskey, starring Dennis and Drake himself.

Watch the clip below.


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