Watch: Drunk pensioner ploughs car through shop window and hits a small child

This is the horrifying moment a 79-year-old ‘drunk’ driver ploughs straight through a shop window into a small child.

The six-year-old boy can be seen on the footage happily picking some sweets from a shelf when, seconds later, a car smashes through the glass straight into him – shunting him into some shelving.

Police said the elderly woman behind the wheel was ‘drunk’ at the time. She later pleaded guilty to failing to provide a sample of breath and driving without due care and attention.

It happened at Landside Wine Stores on Chestnut Drive South in Leigh on May 29.

After the crash, the female driver then tried to reverse, causing more of the shop to collapse on top of the red Ford Fiesta.

The boy’s family can be seen frantically trying to get to the lad, who miraculously escaped with just minor cuts and bruises.

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