Watch! Judge Clowns Coolio’s Hairstyle At Gun Charge Sentencing

A Los Angeles judge proved that he never forgets a face, or hairstyle, when it comes to the famous people who appear in his court.
On Wednesday, rapper Coolio appeared in court and pleaded guilty to gun charges after carrying a gun in his bag through Los Angeles International Airport. Luckily for him, he didn’t receive any jail time, and instead was sentenced to 45 days’ community service and three years’ probation.

Rapper Coolio pled guilty to possession of the concealed weapon . However, Coolio didn’t escape the court without getting his hairstyle acknowledged. Midway through the sentencing, the judge took a moment to bring attention to the spider legs currently perched atop Coolio’s head.

“You’re a little bit different,” said the judge, inferring that this is not the first time he’s seen Coolio in court. “You’ve got a different little hairstyle going here than in the past, but it, you know, it suits you.”

Watch the video below

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