Watch: Lil Kim Honored For Contributions To Music During African-American Music Appreciation Month

Lil Kim‘s contributions to black music and the arts haven’t gone unnoticed by the city of New York who, by way of the City Council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus, honoured her in the city this month.

Why this month? Well, because it’s African-American Music Appreciation Month!

Ready to watch the moment Kim nabbed her hard-earned award?

Watch below…


Kim said this at the event…

I’m just gonna say this: Use us. Use us in the industry. We have a voice, and we wanna represent our town, our city. I wanna say thank you to… Mayor Bill de Blasio and everyone on the Council for coming and making this happen because it’s nice to be recognized and it’s nice when people—they recognize your worth, your talent.

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