“What Really Went Down Between The Ninja & I At The Big Brother House” – TBoss

During TBoss’ inyerview with Abby on Urban96.fm, TBoss finally cleared the air on the rumours that Big Brother had a crush on her. She says, on the contrary, that she feels Big Brother had a crush on Marvis but not her.

Read excerpts…

Do you think Big Brother had a crush on you?

Not at all! On the contrary, I think Big Brother was really harsh on me. I remember on one occasion I was close to tears telling Debbie-Rise that I felt Big Brother was too harsh on me as compared to others. I actually feels that Big Brother had a crush on Marvis because of the way he calls her ‘Lil Miss Dynamite’. Lol!


What really transpired between you & the Ninja?

Nohing all….On the footage that was circulating around, I actually gave the Ninja a bracelet. It was just a parting-gift. I gave gifts to other people though, Ebuka inclusive. It wasn’t anything; they were just parting gifts.

What is next for TBoss for her fans?

I’m still laying my foundation, and my plate is so full. I have plans to work on TV, Radio, my charity among others. I’m still cooking my food and when it’s ready, I’ll serve it hot! Watch this space!

The National Anthem saga?

Laughs out loud! Actually I didn’t realise I was going off. I can actually sing the national anthem but I just choked on it.

What’s TBoss’ favourite song?

I think it’s ‘Yolo Yolo’ by Seyi Shay.

Who was TBoss’ worst  housemate?

No, I was cool with everyone, it was just a game.

Why do you think people hate you?

No, I don’t think people hate me…I think they love me but were just undercover lovers.

How many piercings do you have?

About 12 piercings…I had 15 now I have 12.

What was about the mother’s day curse?

Well, it was on mother’s day and I put up my mom’s picture but people rained  curses on my mother and it got me so emotional. I want to apologise for going off like that. I’m only human. I’m not proud of it. I’m only trying to get used to negative comments.


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