Would Rihanna be addressing what happened with Chris Brown, Finally?

Rihanna might be at the peak of her career but a documentary about her life so far is already in the works.

Film 45 has signed on to produce the documentary, which is set to star the “Work” singer, that was inspired by Boby Dylan’s documentary Don’t Look Back that was released in 1967. Peter Berg, who cast Rihanna in the film Battleship, is slated to direct the now highly anticipated project.

It will tell the story of “a young artist at the top of her professional field” and is set to be “much more a character study than a music film.”

This raises the question of what parts of Rihanna’s life outside of music will be a topic in the movie. One of her most pivotal moments was that with her now ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The two made headlines back in February 2009 after he attacked her before the Grammys that year.

While Berg and documentary producer Matthew Goldberg, who is also behind the film, have not said what will be addressed in the documentary,

Goldberg made it clear, “We are telling authentic, soulful stories.”

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