Would you buy? A Pendant Tupac Wore When He Was Shot in ’94 Is on Sale for $125K

Items belonging to Tupac are still bringing in big bucks.

The latest item causing a stir is a bullet-dented pendant that belonged to the late rapper, which was recently put up for sale by memorabilia dealer Moments in Time. The pendant is currently listed for $125,000.

The rapper was allegedly wearing the diamond-encrusted gold crown medallion when he was shot in 1994 at Quad Studios in New York City.

The owner of Moments in Time, Gary Zimet, told TMZ that a family member of Tupac’s gave the company the pendant to sell and that person would receive most of the profit. He did not disclose the identity of this person.

However, representatives for Tupac’s estate strongly denied that claim to TMZ and are threatening legal action toward anyone who buys or sells the pendant.

Photo of the pendant

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