Yikes! Cardi B Denies Receiving Any Gift From Nicki Minaj!

The climate has been far from friendly between rivals Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, following a number of comments made in radio interviews this year.

Indeed, though not the all-out duel some had been trying to orchestrate, it’s clear there existed a tension of sorts between Hip-Hop’s leading ladies.

It did appear, however, that the frostiness had thawed when a story hit suggesting Nicki had sent Cardi a $5000 gift-bag this week after she and Migos star Offset welcomed their daughter Kulture.

Well, it seems those singing Kumbaya ought to hold the fort because Cardi is saying “nah uh.”

Details below…

Sliding into the DMs of Hollywood Unlocked, the ‘I Like It’ chart-topper confirms that the narrative isn’t true:

Cardi didn’t say anything more on the matter, but clearly has said enough to send some into a tizzy.

We couldn’t be less fussed with who gave what, but the original story and the subsequent denial undoubtedly is serving telenovela with the plot twists. Grabs popcorn!

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