Yikes! Omarion Shades Chris Brown…

Omarion achieved one of the biggest hits of his career courtesy of Chris Brown collaboration ‘Post To Be.’

But he’s now coming under fire from fans of his comrade following a supposedly shady comment he made on Instagram.

See what we mean below…

It all started when the 32-year-old announced new project ‘Care Package 4.’

When slammed by one commenter about the length between his releases compared to C. Breezy (who just dropped a 45-track album), the former B2K star had an “interesting” response…

Now, in the spirit of fairness, there are few different readings of this – some of which have nothing to do with Chris.

However, we’d bet Omarion wishes he used better wording. Because it could easily be seen as him remarking on the quality (or lack-there-of) of Chris’ releases.

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