Yuck! R. Kelly’s Party Shut Down After Guests “Defecated” In Hallway

The scent of controversy continues to choke the life of R. Kelly‘s legacy.

Weeks after the families of several young women claimed that they had been brainwashed into becoming members of a strange sex cult, the singer has learned that a story he thought he had buried has made its way to the light of day…and it stinks.

Court documents obtained by The Daily Mail revealed that the entertainer threw himself into legal trouble when a party he threw at a recording studio was shut down when his guests stained its hallways with urine and faeces.

In an eviction summons filed by the plaintiff, real estate company C/R Adlake Limited Partnership they accused the tenant (Kelly) of allowing his guests to trash the spot and causing havoc when the sister of one of his alleged sexual abuse victims burst in to rescue her.

Tenants’ invitees have soiled one of the hallways in the building with vomit, urine, and what is believed to be human faeces.

‘The Mail’ adds:

A police report for simple battery was filed at the location after the sister of one of R Kelly’s alleged captives was assaulted during a scuffle with the singer and his entourage when she went to the recording studio to try to rescue her teenage sibling.

The incident occurred on August 26, 2015, according to a police report seen by DailyMail.com. No arrests were made.

He is yet to respond.

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