21 Years After 2Pac Shakur’s Death: 7 Uncommon Facts About 2Pac You Didn’t Know…

On this day, 13th of September, twenty-one years ago, 2pac Amaru Shakur was pronounced dead after being shot 7 days earlier in Las Vegas. And twenty-one years after the rapper’s unfortunate passing, there continues to be a fascination with the life, times and death of 2Pac Shakur.

In commemoration of the legend’s death anniversary, we’ve compiled 7 uncommon facts about 2pac Shakur.

Here they are…


  1. His birth name wasn’t Amaru Shakur.

2pac Shakur’s birth name was Lesane Parish Crooks. 


2.  2Pac’s first rap name was MC New York, adopted during a teenage stint in Baltimore.



3. When he misbehaved as a child, his mother, Afeni Shakur would make him read The New York Times as punishment.



4. 2Pac was once married.

Yes, Tupac was once married to a woman named Keisha Morris. It wasn’t a highly publicized marriage, but their union was very much legit. Keisha met Tupac in 1994, when she was 20 years old. At that time, Tupac was on the cusp of his success.



5. 2Pac Shakur died broke


Contrary to reports that 2Pac died rich, his mother, Afeni Shakur found that the rapper, who died at 25, had barely anything to show for his chart-topping career. No mutual funds, no real estate. There was only a five-figure life insurance policy (the beneficiary was his half sister, Sekyiwa), two cars, and a single checking account that contained less than $105,000. Court fees and taxes which consumed that almost quickly. The situation was so bad that when a young woman named Jacquelyn McNealey, paralyzed by a stray bullet during a 2pac concert in Arkansas, sued 2pac and asked for $16.6 million in damages, no one showed up in court to defend the estate.


6. He was at a point dating Madonna


It is actually not a secret that Madonna and 2pac had a relationship. Those rumors have been confirmed multiple times. What you may not know is that Madonna could have had Tupac’s baby had the two remained together for a significant length of time. Author Lucy O’Brien claimed in a book that was released in 2007 that Madonna desired to have a baby with the rapper while the two were an item. But until July of 2017 when Madonna confirmed about her relationship with 2pac, she revealed that the legendary rapper broke up with her because she’s white.



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