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ASAP Rocky Fan Arrested After Threatening To Blow Up The Swedish Embassy

An ASAP Rocky loyalist has been slapped with the heavy hand of the law after threatening to destroy the Swedish embassy if it refused to free the rapper from the jail he is being held in.

Full story below…

Rocky was locked up after he and members of his camp were filmed in the heat of an altercation with a member of the general public in Sweden.

Since then, his fans have worked tirelessly to free him so that he can return to America as a free man. Unfortunately, one of these fans decided to take matters into her own hands last week by storming into the Swedish embassy, throwing liquid on its doors and threatening to blow it to smithereens if officials refused to comply with her wishes.

I’m going to blow this mother****** up!

When the Secret Service learned of this they issued a lookout warning for her and arrested when she returned to the embassy the following day and pulled its displays and kicked some of its furniture.

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